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New Cloud Features July 2019

Release date: July 12, 2019

Discover all the new, exciting features and updates now available in Cloud!  

A summary of changes can be found on this page, but feel free to explore the Support Centre for details about each new feature. The easiest way to access the Support Centre is by pressing the F1 key on your keyboard while you are logged in Cloud.

If you have questions about any of the new updates, we are here for you. Contact us. 

Consumer Report  

You can now make more informed decisions and improve products with our new Consumer Report

Right at your fingertips you now have the ability to:
  1. Gain deeper insights into the relationship between consumers' demographics and their perception of your products.
  2. Identify first position effect, and much more. 
Go to the Support Centre to find out how to run our new  Consumer Report .


Reporting Across Multiple Tests and Multiple Sections  

Picture this: In a hurry, you collected data into two separate tests, but you need to analyze the data together.

Or you have been asked to provide analysis on multiple tests executed over a period of time, such as shelf-life tests. 

Or you need to consolidate data from multiple tests into one file to use it in another database or dashboard. 

No problem! Take a peek at our hidden gem - Studies. It will elevate your data analysis to a whole new level.

Results Beta  

We are committed to making our software meet and exceed your testing and analysis needs,  so we are  redesigning the software! 

There are two main goals for the redesign:  
  1. Update our tools to remove the need of Citrix without compromising on our speed and security.
  2. Improve the user experience -  Check out our Results Beta for the exciting new look and  functionality of the results tools.  

Comment Visualization: Word Cloud  

You asked for it, we delivered! The Word Cloud is here! 

Analyze your panelist comments side-by-side using this new member of the Comment Visualization tool.

The Word Cloud displays the words that appear more frequently both larger and bolder. So give it a try!

Comment Visualization: Text Networks    

The existing Comment Visualization feature that you are already familiar with has a new name, Text Networks.

Its new and improved functionality will represent comments as circles and  group them into  text networks  to reveal the commonalities.

You can exclude words by a click of a button to focus on what you want to see!         

Panelist Language for Multi-Language Testing

Testing in multiple languages just got even better!
Both anonymous and identified panelists can select the  language of their preference right as they start the test.
Let your panelist be in charge of which language they  want to test in!      

Message Center    

If you ever wanted to know more about the messages sent to panelists at a scheduled time, now you can!
Find out whether a message was scheduled or sent immediately.
If it was scheduled, when it was scheduled  to go out, and if it was sent, when it was sent. 

Image Quality Improvements  

Do your panelists use their smartphones and tablets to upload images into your tests (via Photo Upload question type)?
If yes, their images will now have improved quality. If not, why not give it a try!?

Additionally, your sample images can be be imported at a better quality, too

Citrix-Free Help  

When you click Help, or when you press the F1 key on your keyboard, the Support Centre will open in your  default browser .
The browser view will help you utilize all the functionality that the Support Centre offers to  enhance your experience.

Schedules : Quota Groups Tab

Quota Groups are often an important component in your panelist scheduling.
Because of that, we have dedicated a whole new tab just for them!
Set your Quotas and/or Disqualifying Criteria and view them all in one, easy to access screen.

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