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New Analyst/Subscription - What is required for the setup


Before getting started with Compusense Cloud there are a few things that must be completed with every  new subscription  or  new analyst addition . Unless otherwise discussed with one of our Support specialists, the following checklist includes everything we need from you to get you up and running with Compusense Cloud! 

Analyst Accounts

As part of Compusense's dedication to security, each analyst that uses the software will require their own analyst account. When you are requesting analysts, please use the template file found at the bottom of this page to email us the new user information.

Authentication Method

We use a two-factor authentication (2FA) method that requires a verification code for enabling access to our software.

Citrix Workspace App

Once analyst accounts have been setup, analysts will need the Citrix Workspace app installed on their computers. Your IT may be required for this and they can download the Citrix Workspace app by browsing to the following website: 

  1. Click Citrix Workspace app #### for Windows > Download Citrix Workspace app for Windows . A  CitrixWorkspaceApp.exe  pop-up along the bottom or top of your browser (depending on the version) will indicate that the file is downloading.

  2. Click on the executable, click  Run  and follow the prompts to install the Citrix Workspace app.

  3. Click Finish to complete the setup. 

If asked to provide email address, you can close out of that window. You do not need to provide your email address to Citrix to use Compusense Cloud. 

Login Page and Process

Once the Citrix Workspace app is downloaded and set up on your computer, you can browse to the Compusense Cloud website:

Log in using the username and temporary password provided by a member of our Support team. 

You are now all set up and ready to explore Compusense Cloud! 

To start with, we recommend visiting our Help accessing Compusense and the Quick Start Guide page. 

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