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If you are not signed in

Even when you are not signed into the Support Centre, you will still be able to find some resources, as outlined below. However, much richer content and functionality are available when you sign in 

Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base can be accessed by clicking on the  Knowledge Base tab, as seen in the above animation, or through the Knowledge Base icon on the Home page (please see the image below). 

To return to the Home page at any time, click Home or click our Compusense logo in the top left-hand corner. 

Type some keywords you wish to use in your search, and the articles that contain such words will automatically be listed for you to choose from. 

Please note that your search will typically return a larger list of results when you are signed in. 


Our Chat feature is available even when you are not signed in! It is available to you on every page! 

However, please note that because you are not signed in, you will have to enter your name and email address so we know who we are chatting with :) 

Customizing the View

There are several options to help you customize the display of our Support Centre. To explore all that is available, go to the top bar and in the right-hand corner, click the A' tab. 

You will see the following options: 
  • Font Size: Click the minus (-) symbol to decrease the font size on the page, or click the plus (+) symbol to increase the font size on the page. 

  • Layout: Click the left option to display the Knowledge Base navigation tree on the left side of the articles, or click the right option to display the Knowledge Base navigation tree on the right side of the articles. 

    • This option is available only if you are on a specific article page. This functionality is not available in any other areas of the website. 

    • You also have the option of hiding and displaying the  Knowledge Base navigation tree when you want to have more space for reading. You may do that by clicking on the Reader View icon as seen in the animation below. 

    • Selections made will be 'remembered' until you decide to change them again. 


  • Full Width: Click to remove margins on the page (this spreads the text a bit more across the page, which can somewhat decrease the page length), or click to keep the margins. 

Everything Else!

The options below can be fully accessed only when you are signed in: 
  • My Area 
  • Knowledge Base 
  • Search 
  • Video Library 
  • Tickets 
  • Chat

How to sign in?

There are two ways to sign into the Compusense Support Centre 
  1. Sign into the Compusense Cloud ( ) as you normally do. On the portal page, click the Support Centre icon and the Support Centre page will open up in a new tab.


  2. Sign in directly from the top of this page! Click Sign In and you will be redirected to the familiar Compusense Cloud login page. Sign in as usual and follow the step #1 above. 

At times, we will provide you with direct links to specific articles in the Support Centre. If at the time when you try to access the link you are not logged into Cloud, you will be taken to the Compusense Cloud login page. Log in as you normally do and click the Support Centre icon. 

The Support Centre will open up to the Home page. In the address bar, paste the direct link we sent you and press Enter. It will open up the article that we recommended to you. Please see the animation below.

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